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Coffee and Computers

Sometimes, there’s just something… right… about being able to spend a lazy day sitting at a coffee shop, enjoying a raspberry mocha, and munching on a chocolate chip muffin.  It’s 80 degrees outside, sunny, and comfortable humidity.  If actually owned a hammock, I’d likely be writing this from a somewhat reclined position.  It’s just one… Read More »

My Tools, My Choice

We live in a world of choice.  Within reason, you can choose the car you drive, the type of coffee you’re drinking this morning, what color shirt you’re going to wear today… and what kind of technology you’re going to use.  When it comes to choosing technology, I tend to make my choices based on… Read More »

Jumping to Android… Tentively

So, I’ve finally made the leap back to Android.  For the past year or so, I was using an HTC One M8 Windows Phone, and prior to that, an HTC 8X.  I don’t care what anyone says.  It’s my life, my phone.    And I still love the Windows Phone platform, and am hoping beyond… Read More »