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AvatarHello there, and welcome!  I am Jamie Nordmeyer, a Software Developer and Architect living and working in the Portland, Oregon metro area.  I’ve been here since 1997, but was born in Redding, CA, in 1976, where I have fond memories of visiting and fishing Lake Shasta with my Dad and brother.  I lived there until I was about 5, then moved to Montana with my family for a year.  Unfortunately, my only recollection of Montana is lots and lots of snow (not because I don’t like snow, as I love it; just unfortunate that I can’t remember more).  From there, it was back to Cali for a year, then on to Everett, WA where I lived until I moved here after graduating college with a BSEE from ITT Technical Institute, Seattle, WA in 1997.

When I first moved to Oregon, I contracted at Intel, along with several smaller wafer manufacturers, working for a company that manufactures silicone wafer probers for the integrated circuit industry.  Just shy of two years there, I began to realize that the job just wasn’t for me.  I was spending 90% of my time as a wrench turner, so very little of my actual work involved what I’d gone to school for, and what I’d obtained a degree for.  I’d also rediscovered a love for programming that had started when I was around 12, and decided that that was really the career I needed to be in.

At this point, I’d already spent a year doing C/C++ programming education at ITT.  Fortunately, my instructor Dr. Syed was very good about making sure that practical programming was as much a part of the curriculum as if-blocks and while-loops were.  As a result, by the time I’d decided it was time to leave the contracting company, I’d already immersed myself back in development, at least in personal learning, and managed to get my first full time software developer position in 1999.

This position was for an insurance company in the Pearl District here in Portland.  The Pearl is a WONDERFUL place to work!  There are a ton of local businesses doing everything from food, clothes, and books, including the famous Powell’s Books, and their child store, Powell’s Technical Books.  There are several CitySearch Top 100 restaurants there that range from pizza to burgers to Thai.  However, my employment with this particular company came to a close in 2006 after having spent several years working primarily as a non-developer.  My job by then consisted mostly of helpdesk support and network administration, so I bid the company best of luck, and moved on.

Next up was telecom.  Another 7+ year adventure, this company was actually really tough to move on from.  I learned a great deal working for them.  I’m a better software engineer, a better database designer, and ultimately, a better technologist period because of this company.  By the time I left, I’d been promoted from what they call a Software Developer II when I first started, up through Senior Developer, and ultimately, a Solutions Architect.  They also had some of the most fantastic people that I’ve ever worked with there, many of whom I still call friend.  The only downfall was that, by the time I left, working 60 to 70 hours per week had become something of a normal, and being a family man, this was just not working for me, and I felt it was time to leave.  I truly believe this company still has some of the best and brightest working for it, but I felt that I needed something more normalized, both for my family, as well as for me to grow as a person and a professional.

So now, as of 2014, I’m working as a Senior Developer/Analyst for Multnomah County here in Oregon.  I’m primarily a web developer, working with ASP.NET 4, Angular JS, Typescript (LOVE this language), Web API, and SQL Server.  I’m also well versed in Windows Forms development, and am hoping to dig in to both XAML and mobile development soon.  My professional goals also include starting a video series on YouTube about using Typescript with Angular JS.

In my personal life, I’m married to a beautiful woman that has been my wife for 5 years as of Halloween, 2014.  Yup, Halloween.  Awesome night, I assure you!  I also have a 20 year old step-son, and a 15 year old daughter, both of whom are very strong willed (in a good way), driven, and make me laugh constantly.  My step-son is attending college, going for a degree in business (minoring in bio-chemistry), and my daughter has her heart set on being a photographer/journalist, and is beginning the process of looking at colleges for when she graduates high school.

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