Coffee and Computers

By | September 10, 2016

Sometimes, there’s just something… right… about being able to spend a lazy day sitting at a coffee shop, enjoying a raspberry mocha, and munching on a chocolate chip muffin.  It’s 80 degrees outside, sunny, and comfortable humidity.  If actually owned a hammock, I’d likely be writing this from a somewhat reclined position.  It’s just one of those relaxing sort of days.  Love it.

I’m writing this post on a computer that I bought about a month ago, and wanted to really use it for a while before writing my thoughts on it.  My new laptop is the Microsoft Surface Book.  This is a beautiful device!  It types well, has a great trackpad (it’s still not as good as the MacBook trackpad, but it’s easily close in my opinion), and has an amazing screen.  After a month, I’m still blown away at how crystal clear it is.  The screen comes off, and acts as a clipboard size tablet.  Many people have complained about the battery life in the screen/tablet, but it doesn’t bother me at all.  Microsoft has never market the Surface Book as a tablet.  It has always been market as a laptop with a screen that detaches.  That’s it.  And for what I actually use the screen in disconnected mode for (watching YouTube videos, drawing, or working on UI mock-ups), it works great.

If I have a complaint, it would be the price.  I have the model that comes with an i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB hard drive.  I effectively doubled my onboard storage by purchasing a 200GB SD card, along with an SD adapter custom made for the Surface Book, for around $100 (between the two parts).  However, there’s nothing I can do about the amount of RAM.  This model was priced at $2099.99.  The next size up has a 512 GB hard drive, and 16 GB of RAM, but is an additional $500.  As a professional developer, I need as much of this as I can get in a world of emulators.  I run Docker, as well as Xamarin.  I can’t run them simultaneously, but that’s easy enough to work around.

All in all, I absolutely love my Surface Book, and am loving developing on it.  Great job on this device, Microsoft!  I can’t wait to see what the next generation holds (though not too soon, please; I just bought this one!).  🙂

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